One day you're reciting raps to three or four friends the next moment you're performing at the biggest hip hop festival
in Africa
, how Sway?

Thats exactly what happened at Back To The City Festival

In the beginning of the year Power Play had a deep search for rappers in the Eastern Cape, Gauteng and Kwazulu Natal

The whole point being to find rappers to compete for the POWER PLAY 10K CHALLENGE at Back To The City Festival

A lot of rappers that have won the Power Play 10K challenge throughout the years have gone on to make names for themselves and some have now become established names within hip hop

21 rappers we're chosen and flown in from different parts of the country, after Power Play, Zakwe, Driemanskap,
DJ Kyotic, Big Zulu
searched and picked out the cream

27 April, Back To The City Festival, The day came. 

As tough and intimidating as it was, the boys stood their ground, showing heart till the last beat, young beasts

EDI, one boy even going all the way to the semi-finals, shout out to the other boys for pushing and supporting him

They definitely had a time of their lives, for most of them it was their first time on a plane, first time in Johannesburg, first time in a hotel and first time performing on the big stage

By the time the boys had to go their seperate ways they had formed a brother like bond

They'll always remember the frst time they performed at Back To The City Festival





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